Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Wearable Motorcycle

First motorcycleSince Gottleib Daimler’s first gas powered motorcycle in 1885, the basic design hasn’t changed. Sure there have been lots of technical advances (thankfully!), but today’s mainstream motorcycles still consist of two wheels, separated by a propulsion system, on top of which sits the operator. 
That hasn’t stopped people from trying to redefine the motorcycle though. For example, we’ve got the Carver One, the McLean Monowheel, and the Can-Am Spyder, all looking for their own place in motorcycling history.
  Carver One mcLean-V8-MonowheelCan-AM_Spyder_Action_Front_448P
But if you want to see a real paradigm shift, you have to look further, to something like this: The Wearable Motorcycle. Very cool.


  1. This is sureal.. Thanks for sharing bud. I'd still like to get my hands on one of the original old bikes...for instance like the one you show...It'd be cool to have one.
    Have a great Sunday and thanks for sharing

  2. The concept is wicked. I'd try it for sure!


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