Sunday, 24 May 2009

Automatic garage door opener

I’ve often thought how convenient it would be to simply push a button and have the garage door open and close behind you. I know, I know, there are garage door openers on the market designed to do just that, but being a cheap bastard (Scottish blood) I’ve always been on the lookout for something, shall we say, more frugal.
This BMW F800S rider in the UK (probably Scottish heritage too) has just the answer.


  1. now i'd love to find myself one of those, but i require boxers or briefs

  2. Ms. M.
    It's a great ideas - boxers, briefs, or thongs!
    The problem is he doesn't show you how he configured the receiver. My first clumsy attempt with the spousal unit left me a bit swollen in sensitive places, so I'm going to have to be a bit more careful with the second lesson (and wear a cup).

  3. Just checking to see if you did make a econd attempt

  4. Baron,
    I got as far as, "About that garage door opener...." and the look I got was enough to make everything shrivel up and disappear for a couple of days. So no, I haven't pursued it beyond that. :)

  5. I tried that once too. She told me that if I want the garage door open then I should open it myself or teach the dog to do it. I think I could teach the dog to unlock it but I am not sure about the raising it.

  6. Danny,
    Kinda makes you wonder why they call them 'man's best friend' if they can't even do the simplest of tasks for their master. :)

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