Thursday, 2 July 2009

It’s been a good eBay week

As I blogged about previously, I’m not really into customizing my ride – or at least I wasn’t until I got my Dyna. It must have something to do with that famous Harley mystique that forces owners to no sooner get their dream machine in the driveway than they want to start customising. There’s just something about H-D that says, “I’ve got the bike I’ve always wanted. Now how can I change it?”
Which reminds me of that old story about the fundamental difference between men and women: a man marries a woman hoping she’ll never change, and a woman marries a man hoping he will. Okay, okay. It’s just a joke. I’m not inferring anything about the sexuality of the typical Harley owner. Jeez.
Anyway, since I got my Dyna last year I’ve replaced the stock seat and found a good set of used saddlebags so I could carry “stuff” without having to resort to bungee cords for everything. Both were good mods and worth every penny.I also wanted to replace the mids with forward controls and swap out the fixed luggage rack for a removable unit, but I wasn’t prepared to shell out the suitcases full of cash needed to buy new H-D parts.
Enter eBay. For months I watched for good quality used items with no luck. Either the prices quickly escalated into new parts territory – even without the shipping costs – or the items themselves were of dubious quality and lineage. (My favourite: “Forward controls for Harley Davidson. Not sure of year and model. May not be complete.” Yeah, I’ll go $300 for that – not!)
But this week – jackpot! A random “Harley” search turned up both items, in excellent condition, from reputable sellers. Some careful bidding, and for less than 1/2 the cost of new I now have detachable side plates and forward controls on the way. Now I just have to wait a few days while the USPS and Canada Customs do their magic and then I  continue the makeover.
Stay tuned…..
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  1. ooooooh, fantastic. i am a new ebay customer too. bravo on your gift to yourself. i cant wait to see the changes.

  2. A great post! As always. My first Harley was a dyna. Great bikes! I liked your site so much, I've included a link to it on my site (down in the sidebar under "friends of Michael")

    Keep up the great work, my friend! :)

  3. Ms. M, as I'm sure you've found out, eBay is very addictive. It should come with warnings ;)

    Michael, thanks for the comment and the link. Appreciate it.

  4. It's not just Harley owners that like to upgrade. Looking forward to seeing the mods.

  5. Danny, that's true enough. I guess I'm just more aware of the HD experience, having a foot-high stack of catalogues beside my dreaming chair.

  6. Nice post. After reading some of your comments on the Dyna on Baron's blog, and seeing the picture of yours, I am really starting to like this model! It seems to be a good bike for a lot of scenarios - in city, touring, twisties.

  7. Lance, thanks. And yeah, the more I ride the Dyna the more I like it. While it may not be the best machine for hour after hour on the interstate at 80, it does everything I want, and does it well.

  8. I don't do E-bay. I'm a touchy feely kind of guy. If I can't touch it, feel it, see it first. I'll have no part in spending my money on it.

    Nice ride.

  9. Mr. Motorcycle, thanks.
    That was my feeling about eBay as well. But then I realized I'd be able to do twice as much for the same $$, so I gave it a shot. So far, so good. No problems - at least not with name brand items that you know the quality of, such as HD parts, from reputable sellers.
    But there are things I wouldn't buy, where quality and condition cannot be assumed without actually seeing and touching the item. I think you just need to be careful, but to each his own.

  10. I am glad your ebaying went well. I'm a big fan of ebay myself. I've been off it for a while, but needed a deal on a leather vest, and got one there that will work out great.

  11. Lance,
    Yes, the deals are there, but the trick is to know what you want, what it's worth, and not get caught up in the thrill of the chase.

  12. I really enjoyed this read....well done


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