Monday, 2 May 2011

ABCD – Epic fail!

I was all set to go out and find a centre (properly spelled) line and take a picture. On May 1 as the rules stipulated. Except somewhere along the way I slipped a cog, thinking today was May 1 and yesterday April 31. “30 days has September, April… aw crap!”
So instead of capturing a suitable image for posterity I enjoyed a rare nice day on the golf course (and I did ride there – quite exhilarating at 35F in the early morning) followed by some very necessary yard work after all the wind damage of last week. It was only when I was reminded to go and vote today that the penny dropped and those tired old brain cells woke up to the fact that if this was May 2, then yesterday must have been… right.
To all of you who are not so Gregorianly challenged and who posted your pictures, kudos. I am slowly working my way through the posts and enjoying all the creativity, albeit with a fair degree of discomfiture. And as for posting my own (non-compliant) centre line photo, I was only able to find one with a centre line, and here it is.
ABCDTaken many years ago, it’s a photo of yours truly reattaching the exhaust system to his trusty(?) Norton Commando at the side of the road while a group of riding buddies look on in admiration disgust pity. One person working and seven looking on, offering helpful and not so helpful advice. Did I mention they were mostly government employees? Note the centre line.


  1. :) sorry canajun, but at least it sounds like a fine round of golf and brisk ride was had

  2. Sorry you missed it. Norton Commando? I went to a "Gathering of the Nortons" just the other day, I loved the Nortons, check them out here:

  3. Well least you got on board to join the fun! Love the center line...a real one at least! Hope the weather improves but since it's supposed to get in the 30's F tomorrow morning I'm not sure how much better you will be!

  4. The older I get the more difficult it becomes to keep all the balls in the air. I'm surprised that I manage to keep as much straight as I do.

    It's still going to be fun to see all the pictures people are making.

    Steve Williams
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  5. Canajun:
    If it's of any comfort, I'd forgotten entirely about it, despite NZ being a day in the future.

    Sitting at the computer pre-shower and shave with a coffee and permitted weekend chocolate biscuit, I saw that Raftnn had already been out, taken his shot and posted it up. That's the only reason I jumped into action. Hadn't intended to venture outside on such a crap day!

    Loved your photo nontheless. Didn't think Nortons vibrated though ;-)

  6. Sorry you missed it! I love the old Norton picture, but I have a question - where was this and why were there so many people around to help / take pity / look cool in the photo?

  7. Gary - We were a group of (mostly) instructors for the advanced motorcycle training program here in Ottawa, and we'd often take a rare free summer weekend to go for a long ride to a favourite bar-restaurant up the valley a ways for a late breakfast/early lunch. On this particular day my rear exhaust bolt came undone (a common occurrence until I finally safety wired it)and the group decided to stop and criticise, berate, and otherwise make my life as miserable as possible. And, as I recall, we still made it to the restaurant before they stopped serving brunch.

  8. Ms. M - The day wasn't a total waste. I'd be really bummed if I'd spent all day doing nothing only to realize I'd missed it.

  9. George _ Thanks for the link. Some great pictures there of some beautiful Nortons andother classics. I like the old purple water buffalo. Don't see many of those around any more.

  10. Geoff - As you probably know, the Commando engine/drivetrain was mounted isolastically(?) to the frame. So while the rider was insulated from the worst of the shakes, the guts of the machine were always trying to rip their own heart out - and usually succeeded only in shedding nuts, bolts, foot pegs, or mufflers along the highway.

    The isolastics worked best at higher rpms. At idle they worked not at all and it wasn't unusual to see the front end bouncing up and down an inch or more while waiting at a stop. All part of the "mystique".

  11. Eve - I think we're through the worst of it for now. Cool temperatures I'm okay with, but I've had more than my fill of riding in the rain over the years, so that puts a damper (pun intended) on my riding when the weather is really bad.

  12. Steve - I can relate. I'm also looking forward to seeing all the pictures. Should be fun.

  13. Dear Canajun:

    I never thought to take pictures at that age... At least pictures of myself. I found a few of old girlfriends though. I missed the ABCD thing too. I'm working on the EFGH.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads


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