Saturday, 4 February 2012


Every so often, among all the rubbish that flows down the intertubes and across my screen, there will be a little gem. This is one such case.
As one of a series of old photos in a slide show, the picture is not attributed in any way. Nor is there any detail about when or where it was taken. From the styles I’d suggest somewhere in the US in the mid-50’s, but in reality anything you think you know about the photo is guesswork, so it can be whatever or wherever you want it to be.
What isn’t guesswork is at that time these women would have been considered trailblazers by some and outcasts (or worse) by others. But times have changed and these old photos serve to remind us just how much. And who knows, perhaps some of them are still riding today.
Update: With the comment from No Name over at The Motorcycle Project as a clue, a little more digging discovered this picture was taken July 7, 1949 by Loomis Dean for Life Magazine. There are a few more from the series available here. Thanks No Name.


  1. I think the original source is LIFE magazine

  2. love love love! thanks canajun!

  3. NoName - Nice catch. Sure looks like the same rider, although the bike is different. Will have to c heck out their archives for more.

    MsM - You're welcome.


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