Monday, June 23, 2014

HELP! I’m being held prisoner…..

Up in our neck of the woods they say there are just 2 seasons – winter and construction (road construction that is).  Well the snow is gone so…

This year the township decided they would repair the one road into our little community. It seems the hills, tight corners, tight corners on hills, and general narrowness of the road was a problem for the Ford F350s towing 50-foot camping trailers and  Chevy Tahoes dragging 20-foot, 500-horsepower bass boats in and out of the various campgrounds and boat launches in the area – they had to slow down. Personally I never noticed a problem while on two wheels, except when they came at me on my side of the road, which happened with alarming regularity.

At any rate the road is now being straightened, levelled, and widened, which mostly seems to involve laying down 6-inch layer after 6-inch layer of everything from fist-sized crushed stone to loose sand over a 4 kilometre stretch. Tough enough to drive through on 4 wheels, doing so on anything less than a proper dirt bike is just plain foolhardy. In fact I followed one rider on his BMW this morning and watched as he came close to dumping his bike several times, particularly when the signalman/woman would direct him/us over onto the nice, fluffy, soft stuff while heavy equipment operated in the other lane.

It’s been going on for a couple of weeks now and hopefully they’ll be done soon. Meantime, here I sit, and wait, desperate to get out and ride but not willing to end up like one of these guys.

In dirt 2
In dirt 3
In dirt

I need rescuing!


  1. An already short season made shorter......hang in there!!

  2. I think you need a little TW 250 or XT250 or the like. Something legal on the road but will still get you going were you need to go on two wheels.

    Hopefully they'll be finished before the rains come back.

    1. Alas I sold my dirt bike a couple of years ago. :(

  3. Replies
    1. Just glad they're not attached to my old 'Vette. That wouldn't be much fun either.

  4. It'll be in great shape for winter.... ;-]

  5. I can't imagine. Nothing worse than feeling trapped.
    Good luck to get out soon!
    Sash - The Rude Biker Chick

  6. LOL. And a few dozen jerry cans to carry enough gas to get me 35 km to the next gas station.

  7. I feel your pain.

    Tractor... With a sled for the bike.

  8. get on an airplane to California, I'll pick you up at the airport, stay at my house, I'm a hell of a cook! we'll go riding, you can choose from a half dozen bikes and you can talk to my neighbor...he's got a bunch of old tractors!

    1. Wow - California, motorcycles, tractors, and good food are 4 of my favourite things. Thanks for the invite. It's tempting but they are putting the final surfacing on our road tomorrow so I'll be free again.


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