Monday, 28 March 2016

Dwarf cars

We all (or at least most of us) have what you could call a hobby, whether it’s riding or wrenching, model trains, reading, sky diving, or what have you. Any activity that consumes our time and interest (and, usually, lots of money) qualifies. But precious few of us have taken their passions to the level of Ernie Adams.


You can read much more on his web site, Dwarf Car Museum, but to summarize, Ernie (now in his 70’s, I believe) built his first dwarf car in 1965, a 5/8 scale model of a ‘28 Chevy two-door sedan, and the rest is, as they say, history.

From the web site: The first Dwarf Car came to life in 1965 as a 28 Chevy two-door sedan made out of nine old refrigerators. Ernie began gathering the materials for this little car in 1962. By 1965 he had enough materials and an 18 hp Wisconsin motor to begin construction. With a homemade hacksaw made from a chair frame, hammer and a chisel, Ernie began construction. He had no idea what this would be the beginning of. Because this is the first Dwarf Car ever built, it is known as “GRANDPA DWARF.” This first Dwarf Car is kept in running order and is still driven today.

Since then he has built a number of dwarf cars, all by hand, many of which reside today in his museum, located just outside Maricopa, Arizona.


It’s now on my bucket list to visit the museum, and definitely worth a stop if you’re ever in that part of the country.

(There’s lots more on the web about Ernie and his dwarf cars, but one good site is The Internet Craftsmanship Museum that provides more background on Ernie and some of his creations.)


  1. How cool. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a dwarf car.

  2. I can relate to the expense of hobbies...two of mine are woodworking and boating!

    1. Between always needing another tool and two-foot-itis you've got it bad.

  3. Never heard of them either, thanks for the tip!

    1. If you ever make it there be sure to let us know.


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