Thursday, 15 October 2009

Autumn colours

Every October we look forward to enjoying a ride or two through the countryside to view the changes as the trees get ready for winter’s cold blast. October temperatures are getting cooler, but on a nice cloudless day there’s still lots of heat in the sun, so riding conditions can be quite comfortable. We’ll head off to one of the nearby artist communities, browse the handiwork of some excellent craftsmen – or I should say craftspersons - stop for lunch and perhaps a pint or two at a local pub, and come home – the long way – enjoying the ride and the scenery.
But this year our plans were foiled. The spectacular September weather morphed directly into late November-like conditions with grey overcast days, lots of rain, and daily high temperatures in the 30–40F range. (October norms for this area are 50-55 degrees.) So the bike (I really need to give it a name) sits in the garage as I try to decide whether to give it it’s winter conditioning and put it away, or hope for that one glorious riding day that will cap off the season. Hope springs eternal, so I expect I’ll wait a little longer. Besides I’ve always felt that procrastination was something best left until next week.
Although it was too cold to ride without an electric suit or so much alcoholic antifreeze as to be dangerous, it wasn’t too cold to shoot a couple of pictures on our local road to show you what early October looks like here.  Enjoy.

DSC_4835 web 2 DSC_4840 web 2 DSC_4834 web 2


  1. You know, I am from California, and we have no changing of the seasons. I would love love love to see this spectacular beauty in the Fall and Winter. Its just beautiful.

  2. KTDid - Many years ago now friends spent a year in San Diego. And while they loved the city and the climate, the thing they most missed was the changing of the seasons. Oh yeah, and no snow at Christmas.

    It is beautiful and we are indeed fortunate to be able to enjoy it every year, whether on two wheels, four wheels, or two feet.

  3. i agree with KT, the changing of the seasons are missing here in Ca. gorgeous pics canajun. sorry to hear the weather has changed for you enough to shorten your riding season though...

  4. Canajun:

    While we have 4 seasons here in BC we don't have many trees which turn colour. The best we have are some yellow leaves amongst a sea of green or grey looking trees. Kind of drab looking.
    Thanks for posting some of the beauty in your area

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  5. Nice photo. Winter showed up early here too. I am looking into some electric gear so maybe I can endure a bit of it and extend my riding season.

  6. Bob - I guess you don't have the sugar maples out there - or at least not as many. They're what give us those great reds and bright yellows.

    Danny - I think winter has hit early pretty much across the continent, from the central states north. If I was commuting or using the bike as a major means of transportation I'd definitely look into heated gear. But for the rare fall ride when there's no ice on the road yet, it would be pretty hard to justify.

  7. Yep, we too seemed to have skipped the mild temperatures for a while. We had snow as early as October 9th. It has snowed, and rained and been cold for 5 out of 7 days on average since then. That's why I got out and rode for 5 hours Saturday because it was the first warm spell we had on a weekend for quite some time.

    Any your fall colors are beautiful. It does seem here that we are lacking quite a bit of fall colors compared to some years. I wonder if the fast hard hit cold had anything to do with it.

  8. Enjoyed your photos. I tried to get some like those on a trip this last weekend, but it is just a bit early for spectacular colors. Thanks!

  9. Beautiful pics, I miss being able to see the seasons change. And definately hold out for that one more day of riding!

  10. Amazing photos, those red leaves on the tree, what - Sugar Maples? Absolutely beautiful! But what am I reading here? You have only a couple of months when you CAN ride?!! WTF? We ride all year round with maybe one week when the weather is just too bad to go out! We don't have snow at Christmas, that's the middle of summer over here so everyone's on the road. Come and ride here guys!

  11. Rider - You're right, sugar maples. They were spectacular this year.
    Living here sucks when it comes to riding - 5 or 6 months of decent riding, with a month or so on either end when it can be very cold, or dangerously icy.
    You have it made. Enjoy it.


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