Friday, 30 October 2009

Baby’s got new shoes.

Those of you who follow this blog know I just recently acquired a new toy – a dual purpose Honda XL. The bike is a 1981 model, so spare parts are a bit difficult to come by. However I have been able to locate new rubber.
New shoes
The only problem is that I made the mistake of mounting all lefts on the rear and all rights on the front. On the first ride I just about spun into the ground so I had to re-shoe her so that they are alternating front and rear. She now tracks straight – or I should say straighter.
As an added bonus, with a wife who’s a marathon runner there is no shortage of slightly used replacements.


  1. Yhat's hilarious!
    Are they cross trainers or road shoes?

  2. Seeing the picture the spousal unit immediately went downstairs and did an inventory of her sneaker collection. It's still intact ... for now.

  3. Maybe for a more dressy look you can install Bally's.

  4. Lance - great idea. Cowboy boots for riding thru Texas or Alberta, patent leather for weddings, high heels when the wife is riding.


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