Monday, 4 September 2017

Any job worth doing is worth doing twice. (II)

Unfortunately I seem to be making a practice of this.

IMG_20160925_113842892webAfter no activity for a few months I am now making some progress on getting the little Kawasaki roadworthy, and one of the main jobs was to replace the tires. Now a previous owner had done just that, but it was 18 years ago. Although the tires looked brand new, the rubber was hard and the sidewalls cracked, so they had to go.

So new tires on the floor and tire irons in hand I tackled the job. 4 hours later…..

Let’s just say it was a bear to break the beads. It was like the rubber had vulcanized right into the pores of the cast wheels. But finally, using a lot of creativity, a bottle jack, a few 2X4’s, and the tractor for weight, the old tires were off and the new were on.

At the time I considered changing the valve stems but that would require another trip into the city and a couple more days’ delay. Besides, the old tires were holding air just fine so they were probably okay.

Next day the front tire was flat. Yup, the valve stem was leaking, presumably after being disturbed during the tire change. So another trip into the city for a new stem, dismount the wheel, remove the tire, etc., etc.


You think I’d learn.


  1. There are no stories to tell in knowledge. Us slow learners laugh with you and nod knowingly.

  2. You win some, you learn some. Hopefully you won't/didn't need the tractor the second time round.

    1. No, this time it was a much quicker process. Thankfully.


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