Monday 17 April 2017

It takes a special kind of idiot…

“Just put it in your checked bag.”
“You sure?”
“It’ll be fine.”

Image Of Mock IED Seized At Pearson Airport Released By US Customs

Just came across this story of a passenger flying out of Toronto to the US who thought having this in his checked baggage would be okay.

Apparently the device is an alarm clock designed to look like a bomb, complete with fake sticks of dynamite, and lots of twisty wiring (aesthetics are important). A quick glance would tell you that the circuitry is far too complicated to be just a simple device to make something go boom, but still, what was he thinking in this day and age when every tube of toothpaste is considered a mortal threat?

The owner has been charged with mischief, because stupidity isn’t actually illegal - yet.