Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cleaning out the gar(b)age

There are lots of signs of winter being on its way here. Aside from the leaves having deserted the trees, the bears going into hibernation, the golf courses all closing, and deer season having come and gone, there’s the annual clean out the garage event.

This is usually triggered by the acceptance of the fact that, given all of the above, it’s time to change the oil on the bikes and tuck them in for the winter. Which is, of course, immediately followed by the realization that the garage is so full of crap that there’s no place to work – and it’s now too damned cold to do it outside – so a clean-up is the only option.

As a firm believer that procrastination is something best left until tomorrow, I am generally quite successful at holding off doing this chore until the last possible minute. But this year I also have a honey-do project (put off from last winter) that requires the relatively unencumbered use of the garage to complete and I’m running out of time (and spousal patience).
But first things first. The order will be: a) tidy the garage; b) put the bikes to bed; and c) build the entertainment center cabinets.

Now a garage to me has always been a place where you “do stuff” and you “put stuff”, with “put stuff” generally meaning dropping it where you used it the last time you “did stuff”. So it’s no surprise that 11 months after the last major clean-up it looks like this:


You’ll note the clever use of handlebars as coat hangers and seats as excess storage space. The rest is tools on top of tools, projects un-started and half done, bits of this and scraps of that, future eBay transactions, and so on. And the chair serves as a handy vantage point from which one can swivel around and contemplate the challenge ahead whilst quaffing a pint or two in preparation. It’s no wonder my wife doesn’t like visiting the garage; I’m kind of scared to go in there myself when it gets this bad.

But today was a miserable, wet, windy day suitable only for napping while watching baseball on TV or starting the herculean task of putting some structure into the mess. I opted for the latter. And made barely a dent.

However tomorrow is another day, and since I’m then off to hot and sunny (it had better be) Florida for some golf, I’m going to have to make some serious inroads lest I be faced with the same chaotic scene when I return in a week.

Wish me Godspeed folks, for it’s once more into the breech.


  1. Is the picture before you cleaned up or after?

  2. Hmmmmm... a project which involves the hard word being put on you from your wife and approval to go golfing in Florida. This smells of a situation approaching where a screwdriver will end up being buried in your anatomy if you don't pull finger!

    I'm sure that your enthusiasm for cleaning and project work will be renewed after a golfing holiday! Have a fantastic time and don't kill too many brain cells on post-game celebrations :-)

  3. Oh well, if you were to clean up you could actually fit a car in this gar(b)age. But I guess you've heard that one from your missus already. Guys!
    You have a great time golfing down in Sunshine State.

  4. Gary - LOL. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

    Geoff - Thanks. I'll try to preserve a few brain cells at least.

    Sonja - A car? In a garage? What a novel idea. :)

  5. Dear Canajun:

    I think your idea of a cluttered garage would pass muster around here for "pretty good." You can't find the SUV in our garage when things staert to pile up.

    Sorry your riding season is at an end.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. Canajun:

    I can only dream of a garage as neat as yours, sigh . . .

    have fun in the sun

    Wet Coast Scootin

  7. Jack - Sad times indeed. But there's always next spring to look forward to. Of course I've also been looking at heated gear (sacrilege, I know)to extend the season a bit. Sorely tempted.

  8. Bob - The picture doesn't do it justice. :)

    Besides you get to play outside year round so it's not surprising you never get a chance to do a cleanup.

  9. I can sympathise, my garage is pretty much a no-go area except for where the big red machine stands, maybe after reading Geoff's blog about old pictures we should all post one of our garages!? That could be good.
    I love Canajun's comment; A car in a garage?........
    We crack me up!

  10. Good luck! It sounds like you need it. I can't say I feel too bad for you, my work space is limited to my driveway these days, there's no garage here.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  11. Andrew - Not a bad idea. Will watch for you to start the trend. :)

    Brady - I can sympathise. I used to live in a place with no garage either, but having a garage got bumped up the priority list the day the missus came home to find me doing an engine rebuild in the kitchen. (True story.)

  12. Don't let a good garage go bad ...


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