Sunday, 25 September 2011

Is That Thing Diesel?

by Paul Carter
Is That Thing DieselAbout a week ago, fellow blogger Geoff James ( reviewed this book by Paul Carter. Geoff did a great job, piquing my interest and sending me searching for a copy of the book to download to my e-reader. As soon as I had it loaded, I started right in.
As Geoff describes the book, “It's the story of his ride round Australia on a bike originally built by Adelaide University students for an alternative fuels challenge, consisting of a Cagiva adventure bike rolling chassis and a small single cylinder diesel pump engine running on used cooking oil to propel it along.”
If that’s not interesting enough in its own right, the personal story of Carter and his motley collection of mates from his oil rig days will have you either shaking your head or laughing out loud – and sometimes both.
Highly recommended road story. And thanks Geoff for the introduction.


  1. Canajun - a pleasure!

    His oil rig books are arguably even funnier, but only passing mention of bikes in them!

  2. I ran across the book info at Geoff's blog, then I saw you endorsed it, too. So today I'm off to the bookstore to find it. I could download it to my iPad or get an audible download but what fun is that? I need whatever flimsy excuse I can get a hold of to get on my bike and go. The excuse is to appease my sensible, time-and-money saving side. By the way, I also used a variation of the "two wheels" blog name. It just has such a nice ring to it. :)


  3. Irene - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think you'll enjoy the book.

  4. Goeff - I'll have to look for his oil rig books.


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