Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hell’s Angels, 1965

LIFE has just released a number of photographs taken by LIFE photographer Bill Ray back in 1965. Ray and writer Joe Bride spent several weeks photo-documenting the Hell’s Angels, photographs which were never published until now.
The pictures are like a mini time machine, taking us back to an earlier, and perhaps simpler time when the Angels were more motorcycle ‘club’ than criminal enterprise, and the term ‘outlaw’ referred more to being unconventional or rebellious than ‘outside the law’. It’s worth linking over there to have a look at some great pictures.
Hells Angels(Photo: LIFE)


  1. these are some of the best pics and recaps that i have seen in quite some time! wow...

  2. I did not know this was out! Thank you!

  3. Ms M, KT Did - Thanks for stopping by. These are very cool images from a bygone era. Glad you liked them.


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