Thursday, 3 May 2012

UPDATE: Japanese Harley washes up on BC coast

Further to this story, the owner has been located in Japan. Although he survived he lost his home and several family members in the tsunami, so finding his motorcycle washed up on a BC shore was pretty special.
Even more special, Harley-Davidson, through a local dealer and its offices in Japan, have undertaken to have the bike returned to Japan where it will be refurbished and returned to its owner.
For more on this story:
Japanese Harley
Photo: Peter Mark/CBC


  1. Unreal to think that a Harley Davidson made it across the Pacific Ocean like this. IF the owner is alive, and IF the owner can reclaim his goods, and IF the motorcycle could be restored to service... I would go see that movie.

  2. Great! Now I'll have to listen to some friends of mine talk about how tough their bikes are for months on end.

  3. wow, head scratching incredible... now if only the owner is alive...

  4. NoName - Lots of "if"s but you're right, that would be a helluva story.

    Robert - LOL.

    Ms.M - I'm sure the media will follow this one up and I'll be sure to post it if I see anything further. But it would be amazing if the owner is alive and better yet, gets reunited.

  5. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction. Talk about a message in a bottle.

    If the bike can't be returned to the owner for any reason, HD should purchase it for their museum (and if they don't have one they could start one) and the proceeds to go to the owner or next of kin.

    I would also go to see the movie. It would have to have a happy ending though (wimp).

  6. David - Good idea. I expect this is enough of a human interest story that there will be a follow up at some point. At least I hope so.

  7. That is just plain wild. I wonder if it was floating on something.

  8. WooleyBugger - Apparently the container it was in was the insulated box off the back of a truck. They think the styrofoam insulation was just enough to keep the box (with the Harley and some other stuff inside)afloat. But wild it is.


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