Monday, 11 March 2013

Only the Italians…

They say that no one can get the most out of a piece of high-tech machinery like an Italian, and here are a few examples to prove it.

Marco Biaggi:
Marco Biaggi

Valentino Rossi:
Valentino Rossi

Andrea Dovizioso:
Andrea Dovizioso

And, of course, Francesco Schettino.
Francesco Schettino


  1. Thank you for a good laugh to start my day. I often wondered what was the nautical equivalent of knee down. Now I know.

  2. Good one! I wonder how long he tried to hold his breath while putting his knee down.....

  3. LOL! hey, thats an Arlen Ness "A" shield/logo on Andrea... hmmm...

  4. Homour to its core..most likely the Italians know their bikes and accessories that will give them an edge..Brands like Shinko Motorcycle Tires have a history of winning races.


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