Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The colour of winter

Even if you’ve never experienced it personally, you’re familiar with all the typical negative adjectives describing winter – drab, dreary, monochrome, white, cold, freezing, dark, grey. The list, like the supposed number of Inuit words for snow, seems endless.

Except for all the lights during the Christmas season, colourful is rarely heard in a winter context hence Martha’s (Wisconsinland) challenge to find and share some winter colour.

I’m still cleaning up here after 2012’s devastating wind storm (links here, and here) which involves a lot of burning. For obvious reasons the dry summer months are not ideal, but when the ground is covered in snow the fire hazard is virtually non-existent and I can make hay, so to speak.

So for the past couple of weeks this has been the colour of my winter, with an added bonus of heat to warm those chilly hands and feet!

Fall colours


  1. Now that looks like the perfect bit of color on a cold wintery day. And mesmerizing too.

    1. There's just something about staring into a fire that makes you think pyromaniacs may be onto something.

  2. Canajun:

    hard to believe you still have remnants of debris to burn away after so long. That must have been a very warm bonfire. You could have set up some chairs and roasted some marshmallows, with feet up of course

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob - Still lots to do. I was going to put on my summer sandals for a foot pic but it was too damned cold.

  3. The only thing better than a bonfire in the winter is a bonfire at night...


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