Sunday, 13 April 2014

Signs of Spring – Part Deux

Some times it’s early, some times it’s late, but the coming of Spring is inevitable as the Northern Hemisphere tilts more and more towards old Sol. A week ago I was complaining about the depth of snow still on the ground, but a few days of mild temperatures later and the view from my office is distinctly encouraging as the pockets of snow continue to shrink. Still not riding though as there remain patches of ice on our driveway where the trees shade the sun, and the local roads are heavy with winter sand until the April rains wash them clean and make travel a bit safer for 2 wheels.
But there are other pleasures to be had as we wait. With those longer, sunny days and warmer temperatures comes the annual trip to the maple bush for a pancake breakfast - another sure sign of spring.
Fulton’s has been a local landmark for generations, popular with both locals and city (Ottawa) folk alike, so it was no surprise to see a long line-up at the restaurant this morning at 9 AM. Visiting the sugar bush is a multi-generational experience with all ages from toddlers to aging grandparents waiting patiently in line for a unique taste treat to be followed perhaps by a wagon ride through the woods or a visit to the business side where they’ll show you how they produce the maple syrup we all love so much.

But the line moved quickly and soon enough we were inside ordering our breakfasts. Then, with our bottomless cups of coffee and unlimited maple syrup for our pancakes we grabbed a couple of seats and dug in.

We have done the tours before so we decided not to dawdle and instead just picked up some supplies on the way out and headed home where there was lots of yard work waiting to be done.

And yes, it *was* a great day to be at Fulton’s.


  1. Canajun - Now that's a true sign of spring in Canada eh? Looked well worth the wait. We've several sugar bushes in the area ... Wheelers is a favorite but our local Cataraqui Conservation area is closer.

    1. It's just one more indication we're almost out of winter - except for the snow forecast for tomorrow of course :-(

  2. Now that is fresh maple syrup. Making me hungry for more breakfast.

    1. Hope I didn't just destroy a diet or anything.


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