Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The things people do.

I am in awe of those few souls who can take an idea and turn it into something fantastic. Personally I lack the imagination, skill, and, frankly, the patience to do something like this, which makes it all the more amazing to me that someone has.
Some time ago I blogged about John Britten’s homebuilt racer and now another amazingly talented individual has come to my attention.
I first read about Bob Horn and his recumbent racer here at The Kneeslider.  Interest piqued I then checked out his blog.
Bob Horn recumbent
It turns out Bob has been working on this bike for the better part of 6 years now, 4 of which were in construction. His shop – a garden shed. His crew – himself only. Total cost - about $1.00 a day.
Bob Horn shop
Good on ‘ya Bob, and continued good luck getting those lap times down.


  1. Thank you for the enthusiasm and encouragement!

    1. Bob:
      You're most welcome - it's well deserved. I'll be following your progress with interest.


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