Monday 30 January 2017

A bad few months for cars.

Coming home from a dump run yesterday, minding my own business, listening to some good tunes, and out of nowhere, boom, two deer in full flight land on the road mere inches in front of the car. Even if the roads hadn’t been ice covered there’s no way I could have stopped. Fortunately I hit them just as they landed on the road so they connected with the grill and not the windshield, but still lots of damage to the car. Not so sure about the deer. By the time I pulled over they’d scarpered, and I wasn’t in any mood to follow them into the woods to see how badly they were injured.


And so here we go again with police reports, insurance adjusters, repair estimates, and deductibles (always the deductibles). I’m hoping the car can be repaired but I’m not sure the insurance people will agree, given its age.  Fortunately no airbags deployed, so perhaps… I’ll know in a couple of days.

I’ve had numerous close calls before as deer are a constant threat on these roads and it’s pretty much inevitable to experience a deer strike at least once around here (there’s something in the order of 1,200 a year in the Ottawa area). I’m just thankful it happened when I was on four wheels and not two.

UPDATE: $6,000 damage. It's a write-off.


  1. Glad, nothing happened but damage to the car, David. And the poor animal... Unfortunately these accidents are bound to happen, and mostly they end much worse than yours.

    Encounter with deer or moose was one of the things I was permanently worried about when riding a bike through the maritimes.

    1. Thanks Sonja. You're right, it's just a car and, as such things go, could have been much worse. I actually do feel bad for the deer and hope it survived - not really its fault either - but I could have done without the financial hit. But that's just how it goes sometimes.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Gary. Truth is I hardly felt a thing, which is surprising considering how much damage was done.


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