Saturday, 29 July 2017

La Machine

La Machine is a street theatre company from France known for it’s larger-than-life mythical mechanical creatures. (

Never having heard of them before I was intrigued when I heard that they were making their North American debut here in Ottawa, and so we decided to head downtown today to see them in action.

Of course, so did a few hundred thousand other people (it seemed), resulting in quite a crush as folks tried to jockey for position to see these creatures up close and get that perfect photo. One of our small group suggested that going up into a parking garage might give us a better vantage point and so we did. Fortunately for us it turned out that the machines – Kumo and Long Ma - would eventually come right past us. Good call Max!

It was quite a spectacle, and a great way to enjoy one of the first really nice days we’ve had this year – on my birthday no less.


  1. Wow, never seen or heard of it before either. You really got a great vantage point. Happy belated birthday, David.

  2. Thanks Sonja. It was pretty cool to see.

  3. Wow, those are really neat. I think you got a better view from up top than you would have at ground level.

    Happy Belated birthday too!!

  4. Awesome vantage point. I was watching them prep all week on the news. A terrific way to celebrate your birthday.


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