Saturday, 13 December 2008

Bill 117

I know it's now well into winter here in Ontario and all but the most foolhardy bikers have lovingly put their two wheels to bed for the winter, but that doesn't mean we can ignore what's going on at Queen's Park. Bill 117 is another step closer to reality and WILL BECOME LAW if we don't stop it.

As recent experience shows, this government will only respond when public pressure becomes uncomfortable. When the young drivers mobilised to decry the restrictions on their ability to carry passengers, that provision was dropped from the legislation. WE NEED TO DO THE SAME.

So do your bit.

Write letters to your MP, your newspaper, Premier McGuinty and let them know how you feel. Join Facebook groups. Sign petitions. Get everyone you know, whether Ontario residents or not, to do the same. Be heard and be LOUD.

Not a motorcyclist? Be very worried. If they get away with this, next it will be cyclists with their kids in tow, or skateboarders, or snowboarders. You too have a vested interest in stopping this law.

Look here, and here for some background and contact information for the Ontario legislature.

And drop over to
The Lonely Rider for a good summary of what's been going on and some excellent background material.

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