Friday, 5 December 2008

Ontario one step closer to banning under-14's as passengers on motorcycles

Yesterday Ontario’s Liberal majority forced this piece of nanny-state legislation one step closer to becoming law by passing it at second reading and referring it to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy.
This after a debate in which Dr. Jaczek (the bill’s sponsor) stood up in the Legislature in support of her Bill 117. By way of preamble she used the example of a 10-year-old child “who had been run over by a car”. How that was any more relevant than a child who was injured falling out of a tree is unclear to me.
The second situation she quotes is from an online article in, by “concerned parent and experienced motorcyclist Art Friedman”. In the article, Friedman states, "Here's a typical disaster in the making, one that I've seen far too frequently. A motorcyclist rides down the street with a kid sitting in front of him, a helmet four sizes too large bouncing around on the child's head, its little hands trying to hold on to the gas tank or the rider's legs.”

Now I don’t know who Art Friedman, what makes him an expert, or where he rides, but in 4 decades of riding I have NEVER seen this on the street – a dirt bike at the cottage perhaps, but never on the street. Besides, this is already illegal in Ontario and more rules aren’t going to make one iota of difference to the idiot who would carry a child on a motorcycle like that.

But then, after quoting Mr. Friedman as a sort of expert witness, Dr. Jaczek says, “Although Mr. Friedman concludes his article by saying he believes children can safely be passengers with proper preparation, I must disagree.” So it’s okay to agree with his ridiculous example because it supports your argument, but when he doesn't support your argument he's wrong? Typical bloody politician!
Anyway this is doing nothing for my blood pressure, so you can read everything she had to say here , along with the presentations by other members both in support of the bill as well as against it.
The fight is not over folks. Keep those cards and letters flowing.

(See here for background).

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