Friday, 21 August 2009

Biker Rain Chaps

BRC LogoEvery so often one gets an opportunity that seems too good to be true. Such was the case when I got a note from the good folks at Biker Rain Chaps asking me if I’d mind them sending me a free pair to review.
Why would I mind? It’s free stuff, which is always good, and I’m riding and blogging anyway, so sure, send them along.
Well my Biker Rain Chaps arrived today. Ironically it was pouring rain when I walked out to get the mail and while my raincoat kept the top half of me nice and dry, by the time I got back (it’s 1/2 mile to my mailbox) I looked like this guy.Wet legsIf only the Rain Chaps had arrived yesterday!
I’ll do a more detailed review once I’ve had a chance to really try them out on the road in wet conditions, but at first glance I will make the following observations.
  • They come in a small polyester pouch (waterproof, roughly 10” by 5”) that has it’s own Velco loop so it can be attached external to your bags or back rest for quick access if needed. You don’t have to expose all your gear to the elements to get at the chaps.
  • The quality seems quite good with double seams where needed and waterproofing sealant on all the seams.
  • The Velcro attachment straps are good and solid and allow for lots of adjustment. (The straps loop over your belt, or through a belt loop.)
  • Easy to put on and easy to get off, which is a joy after having to do the one-legged hop as you try to get your second foot into – or your first foot out of - regular rain pants at the side of the road.
  • Lots of sizes to fit pretty much any rider or passenger out there.
  • $19.99.  Hard to go wrong at that price.
On the negative side – or shall we just say possible opportunities for improvement.
  • There is no heat shield on the inside of the leg, raising a concern about burning a hole in them through accidental contact with hot pipes. (I don’t intend to test this.)
  • While there is a strap to tighten them at the bottom cuff, it remains to be seen how well they stay down at speed. An adjustable stirrup loop might be more secure, but we’ll see how this works first.
In the meantime there are also quite a few non-motorcycling uses for these, so check them out at Biker rain chaps


  1. hmmm, im looking forward to hearing about these... the fog and dew in the morning coastal air reminds me its already august.

  2. So did you geta chance to do a final test on these maestro?

  3. Looking forward to hearing your review...


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