Sunday, 9 August 2009

Garden art

The sacroiliac is something that you don’t even know you have until you bugger it up, which I did a few weeks ago while cutting wood for the winter. I thought it had healed, but after the last couple of rides, it’s delivered a not-so-gentle reminder that it’s not yet ready for prime time. Which is another way of saying I’m moving a bit slowly today, and only with the aid of a few extra-strength Tylenols.
As it turned out, not being able to ride or golf (my other summer habit) gave me an opportunity to get into the shop and finish a project that’s been on the go for a couple of weeks.
I’d seen a stylized heron in a garden a while back and thought it would be a nice addition to our own little green patch. But as I’m inclined to do, I looked at it and decided I could make my own version. I already had the metal I needed (leftovers from the local scrap yard from another project), so the cost was nil except my time – which I now had a lot of.
So after a few hours in the garage cutting, welding, and grinding, here it is awaiting placement by the head gardener as soon as she comes home from work.


  1. im sorry that you're not feeling well canajun. but, thank you for posting this...i think a co-worker might suffer from this as well. i'll be giving her the link.

    garden art, its beautiful. im sure Miz Liz will love it. you should consider selling them. i know i love it...

    hope you feel better and can ride soon.

  2. Ms. M. Thank you. Another couple of days and I'll be right as rain I hope.

  3. Hope you get all mended up real soon!

    Wow, you are pretty talented - I like the heron! I agree with what mq01 said; you should go pro.

  4. I am impressed. Very nice work. Now get better and get back to riding. But still find time to do stuff like that.

  5. Lance, Danny - thanks for the compliment. Should be back riding in a day or two I hope. Got some good drugs now :)

  6. If they are anything like the pain meds I got for my recent tooth extraction, the world looks pretty good, doesn't it?

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog, I enjoyed reading yours and will continue to do so. I met a bloke from Ottowa here in SA when he did an extended ride through Africa, rode with him in the Cape for a day or two showing him around (surname Moors). Keep up the good work!

  8. Andrew - Thanks for the comments. Don't know Moors, but I envy his trip. I haven't made it to Africa yet, but hopefully will one day.

  9. Hope you alright now Canajun...
    Didn't know you were an artist as well,

  10. Baron - I'm not, but I'm a pretty decent copyist.

    And thanks, back seems to be back in shape finally.


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