Monday, 9 November 2009

A bonus day!

Just when you’re beginning to think your riding season is over for a few months, Mother Nature tosses you a bone.
This morning’s forecast called for a high of 17 degrees (54F) and sunny, so nothing else for it but to make myself unavailable for a few hours and ride.
So with no place to go and no rush to get there I headed out, randomly picking a new direction at each major crossroads. Probably never more than 50 miles from home, I still managed to find a few roads that were new to me – some scenic with beautiful homes and farms, some nearly impassable with potholes and broken pavement, and most somewhere in the middle.
milkweedThere’s no doubt that autumn is a beautiful time to be in the countryside. The trees have lost all their leaves and are now showing us their bones, the corn is ripened, and the milkweed seeds float lazily on the breeze. Everywhere the farmers are bringing in the last of the harvest and are putting their fields to bed for the winter. Overhead, flocks of geese are making their noisy way south. It’s a busy time of the year, but also kind of peaceful and calming.
It was all good.
Corn field


  1. beautiful!! your weather is fantastic. i looked out this morning and found it to be 32F...

  2. All I can say is AAAAAH. Glad you got out. Fall rocks!

  3. Been getting the gift or good weather here too. Above average all last week. It's cooler this week but still above average. I rode the bike to work everyday last week and the trend seems to be keeping up this week.

  4. Thanks all for the comments. Let's hope the good weather continues for all of us for a few more days - we deserve it this year.

  5. Like Danny, we have enjoyed what we sometimes refer to as Indian Summer the last 2 weeks. Nice thoughts and pictures. Hope you can keep riding!

  6. cpa - It's getting a bit colder every day, but for quick trip to the local store (10 miles away) it's still doable without needing an ice pick to remove oneself from the bike on returning home.


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