Monday 19 July 2010

Where does the time go?

What with one thing and another it seems like I’ve been running like mad just to stay in place. The summer is flying by and the list of must-do items is growing faster than I can knock them off. Of course the spousal unit would probably tell me to golf less and ride less but those things are what summer is for; it’s not like you can defer them to the winter. (Curiously she never suggests I work less, or help in the garden less, or do less house work to free up time.)
Anyway we’re in for a couple of rainy days so I’m finally getting around to an item that had been top of mind since last winter. The Honda XL500 tends to smoke a bit when starting up. Well that’s a bit understated; it actually looks more like this military-grade mosquito fogger20050125ran8097690_022.JPG until the engine warms up.
I suspect worn valve guides.
So the next couple of days will be spent removing the engine, tearing it down to replace the guides, and then putting it all back together again, ideally with no parts left over. I’ll also take the opportunity to remove the compression release mechanism. It’s not really necessary for starting, and just adds complexity.  
Hopefully that will solve the smoking problem – the last issue I want to fix before I take it in for a pre-licensing safety check.


  1. " ... ideally with no parts leftover" being the operative phrase ... good one!

  2. Tsk, tsk Canajun. Can't you leave the tear-down until winter when you're stuck indoors? That way, it won't interfere with your riding and golf, but it will decrease the available winter time for interior decorating and all the other jobs on your wife's task list :-)

  3. Ken - I have been known to complete an engine teardown and rebuild, only to find a thrust washer or some such part that is a critical internal component still on the workbench.

    Geoff - I would except I want to get this bike roadworthy to be able to ride it this summer. Otherwise that's a very good plan.

  4. i know how its been, ive been running around like crazy here too. its been one thing after another! i hope that the rebuilt goes well and that you find time to put up some pics.

  5. Ms. M. - Thanks for the good wishes. Hopefully it will solve the smoking problem at least.

  6. Yes, one thing after another is right for me too... but that pic looks like you have a good summer bug fumegater there ;)


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