Tuesday, 25 January 2011

These are the dark days

It’s the middle of January, and here in the frozen north the temperatures struggle to get above –20C (-4F) and the unrelentingly Motorcycle-in-Snow--37287gray skies are wearing pretty thin on the psyche. The snow continues to accumulate.
Biker mags are all well-thumbed, having been read several times while waiting for the next issue to hit the newsstands or arrive in the mail. The stack of catalogues have numerous dog-eared pages highlighting the next must-have bling or serious mod, and every on-line mail-order site is faithfully listed in “favourites” and visited on a regular basis.
Stanthorpe-brass-monkey-1942While there’s absolutely nothing attractive about sweltering in a Texas or Arizona summer, it’s that time of year when I can’t help but wish, if only momentarily, that my ancestors had selected some place to live that didn’t freeze the balls off a brass monkey for 5 months of the year.
The short days are spent in the garage (heated, of course) either daydreaming or installing some essential component that was discovered in an obscure on-line catalogue or the result of a fortuitous eBay buy. Two weeks delivery might as well be a lifetime, especially at this time of year.
Even dealer visits fail to break through the doldrums. Shops are quiet – too quiet – and the staff seem lethargic and resigned to just getting through the next couple of months.  ‘Sold’ signs accumulate on bikes on the showroom floor as their new owners not so patiently wait for the day they can ride the new toy home. 
The lucky few who will be going to Daytona for Bike Week seem to bw11_bglweather it a bit better as the excitement builds for a week of sand, sun, bikes, and babes in whatever order of importance is most significant to each individual. But all look forward to escaping winter’s grasp, even if only temporary, like a day pass from the Big House. Sadly, I will not be one of them this year.
And then, just in time to prevent a total breakdown, show season arrives.
Show - 2011
Only 4 more sleeps! I think I can make it! I think I can, I think I can.


  1. Hey Canajun I feel for you my brother, I can't believe only 5 months riding a year! As I write we are in the middle of summer with temps in the mid to high 30s celsius - we went for a lovely evening cruise today but even in winter we can still ride, maybe your ancestors missed the boat heading for Africa?

  2. Canajun:

    I don't know what you are talking about. Our daytime temps are around +9c and tommorrow it is going up to +10c, definitely warm for this time of year. Just think, less than 2 months till Spring. Any chance of moving out West ? You are able to ride nearly all year round, as long as you like rain.

    If you are going to the SHOW, take a look at the Yamaha Super Tenere, that would be my pick

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Andrew - It was closer than you know. After the war my dad turned down a job offer in Mali. Apparently it was a great opportunity, but my mom heard there were snakes there.

  4. Bob - Don't temp me. I'd love to live in BC, but I'd prefer to be a bit inland, Kamloops area perhaps. Not quite as mild, but sure not as wet either.

    And I will definitley check out the new Yamahas, and Hondas, and Triumphs, and....

  5. I feel your pain, I recently wrote about these d*mn winters and to think that I made the move from Africa to NJ, what was I thinking, should have gone straight to Arizona, Texas or anywhere closer to the Equator :-)

  6. Canajun:
    As you probably know already, NZ is only one of 2 countries without snakes, haha!

    I genuinely feel for you - a week not riding is torture enough!

  7. George - I fully understand. Believe me.

    Geoff - true enough, but all those damned sheep!!!!

  8. Enjoy the show. It is certainly worthwhile checking out the new models. Sending over some warm thoughts.

  9. Thanks, Sonja. It must be working as it's only -12 today.

  10. I feel your pain. So far, our winter has had much higher than average snowfall. We're running out of places to put the dang snow.

  11. Ken - And this year you folks are getting hit even harder than we are. Today is our first major storm of the year, and it dumped maybe 10" of the white stuff on us. Hardly enough to make getting the shovels out worthwhile.


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