Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Winter makeover

Well the winter makeover is now done. Can you spot the differences?

Now if the snow would finally go I’d be a happy man.


  1. Well, first of all. Sweet! It looks really nice. I like the changes.

    Here is what I noticed...
    You lost the windshield, which by the way was covering up what I can't tell for sure appears as though you got new handlebars with pull back risers.

    Next you got new hand grips, new mirrors, lowered your turn signals in the front and lowered your tool pouch. You got new custom paint on your existing tins, and added a chrome accent to the top of your rear fender for tying shit to without scratching up your new paint job. You changed your forward controls to mids, and got chrome cables in place of the stock black ones. You added a crash bar and a solo seat in place of the two up seat.

    Well How'd I do? Did I miss anything? Do I get a prize? J.K.

    Again, looking SWEET!

  2. Mr. M. - Wow, you're good! Didn't miss a thing. Only 2 little mistakes - used stock risers (they're already pull-backs) and I didn't replace the mirrors - they're still stock.

    Too bad because I had a HUGE prize all ready to hand out.

    And thanks for the compliment. I'm really pleased at the way it turned out.

    Of course from here on in any more upgrades start to get REAL expensive!

  3. Wasn't 100% sure about those mirrors but the angle on the after picture shows a blue dot on the front that doesn't really show on the before picture. Also, Like I sazid, the windshied hid the handlebars and risers, so I kinda had to guess on those.

  4. What a fantastic way to spend the winter (if you can't ride that is). Great colour scheme.
    Now go, hit the road with that baby.

  5. It looks great and will be better when you are out riding it.

  6. Sonja - Thanks for the compliment. Gotta do something during the dark times.

    azhd - Thanks. The irony is we'll be starting to ride because it will finally be warm enough about the same time you folks will stop (or at least slow down) because it gets too damned hot!

  7. turned out beautifully canajun, i especially love the red...

  8. Ms. M - Thanks. I'll post some better pictures as soon as I have them of the actual paint job. I had an idea what I wanted, but my painter really brought it to life.

  9. Dear Canajun:

    Red is the preferred color of motorcycles for riders with balls. When I first saw the two machines, I thought you were pulling my leg. I thought you went out and bought another bike. It looks great.

    Too bad you don't live next door. I would have suggested a few things you could have done to my bike. You do great work.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  10. Jack - No new bikes for me for a while - unless it's some old piece of crap I can get for pocket change. That's why the makeover - I have a "new" bike without the new bike cost.

    Thanks for stopping by, and for the compliment.

  11. Very nice Canajun, that really looks great but won't you miss the windscreen or are you going to replace it? I don't think I would like to do any kind of long trip without a screen anymore. Good work.

  12. Andrew - Thanks for the compliment. I do use a windscreen when it's cool or wet or for any distance, but it's a quick-detach model and I took it off for the photos.

  13. I've been a silent reader, your last project, however extracted some real emotion from me - the love you feel for your bike is shown in every detail!
    Excellent job, real eye catcher.


  14. Looks great. Change feels so good.

  15. Roy - Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. I think this bike is a keeper, although like all men (boys) there's always some new shiny thing on the horizon.

    WW - Change does feel good. Now if only the cold and snow would change to heat and sunshine we'd be in great shape. But it's coming. Thanks for reading my stuff and leaving a comment.

  16. What Mr. Motorcycle said except for the business about the mirrors and the risers. Now where do I collect my prize?

    It does look awesome. The tank concept was brilliant. A frenched headlight might look awesome. HD makes, believe it or not, 'reasonably priced' bezels for most headlights to give that effect and they look really good.

    Ditching the forward controls was a good move. Your control of the machine is much improved with mid-pegs. Some of us also have a habit of standing when navigating tricky patches. The worst thing I found with forward controls is that all your weight is on your butt which means all the jolts go through your spine.

  17. TMOS - I initially put the forward controls on and tried them for a month or so but I just couldn't get used to them. I never really felt in control so I swapped them out. Now with the mid controls and highway pegs I have a combination I quite like and which is very comfortable.

    As for the prize, it was a big fat chocolate Easter bunny - but I already ate it. Sorry.

  18. Canajun,

    The makeover looks awesome! I am hoping to install my "pile o' parts" this weekend and can't wait for that makeover to be completed.

    Very little in the way of cosmetic changes but hopefully big changes in ride and performance.

    Stay warm


  19. Thanks Buddha. Good luck with your weekend makeover. I'm looking forward to seeing the results posted.


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