Tuesday, 26 April 2011


We’re in the midst of a federal election up here where the megalomaniacal, anti-democratic leader of the Conservative Party is likely to win another mandate with about 35% of the votes. Unlike the two party system in the US we have a total of 5 parties vying for support, so the splits let one party ‘win’ even though as much as 70% of the population don’t support them. On the plus side we have no hanging chads as we still use paper ballots.

So for most of us whose interest in politics goes beyond responding to superficial prime time attack ads this is all very stressful. We know the best interests of Canada and most Canadians are not going to be met by the party on track to win, but there’s precious little we can do about it under our anachronistic first-past-the-post voting rules.

That’s why I needed a diversion.

And that’s why I hung the bicycle in the trees.


  1. Good man - just the response to stupid politicians - love it!! I guess you could have removed the bike seat and left the bare seat pole as an artistic nod towards being shafted yet again :-)

    In NZ at the last elections, the Labour Government lost heavily. It is widely thought that this was a direct response to Labour attacks on the opposition in the lead-up electioneering and their failure to talk about real issues. We have a form of proportional representation which although far from perfect, does give minor parties some degree of influence.

  2. geoff - Didn't think of that. Perhaps I should make a minor modification. :)

  3. Sounds familiar ... in my state (Rhode Island), our governor was elected with only 36 percent of the vote. Hardly a mandate.

  4. Ken - There's got to be a better way.


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