Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Road test and first ride of the year

It took a few weeks, but the weather finally cooperated (no rain and 45 degrees) so I got to road test the Ascot. And it runs like a charm after the repair, even if I do say so myself.
It’s been a late and cold spring here (even now they’re calling for the possibility of snow on the weekend), but the lake is now free of ice and the spring flowers are just starting to peek above the ground. Our private road is finally clear of snow and spring mud (most of it is in shade all day long, so it takes a while to thaw and then dry out) so that a ride, even to the mailbox, doesn’t mean a 2-hour clean-up when you get home.
So when I got a notice today from the post office that a package was waiting for me it seemed like a perfect opportunity to don the leathers and helmet and go pick it up on two wheels, which I did. And did it ever feel good. There’s still lots of winter sand in some corners, and the skills are a bit rusty, but that will change quickly. And by the time we’re back from Boston (the missus is running the marathon next week) we’ll be back into riding season with a vengeance. Woohoo!
Almost ice freeThe last bit of ice.
Crocuses Crosuses the deer haven’t found yet.


  1. Great to see you finally out - photos of the bike please, next time!

    The most momentous news however (which you mentioned oh so casually) is your wife doing the Boston marathon!!!! That's one heck of an ask and every good wish from this side of the planet!

  2. Geoff - Sorry about no bike photos. Will correct that next time. As for the missus and the marathon, I guess I'm so used to hearing about it that it doesn't register as the big deal that it really is anymore. I will be sure to pass on your good wishes. Thank you.

  3. gorgeous pics! ahhh, what a great season opening ride.

    congrats and good luck on the marathon mrs canajun! woohoo!

  4. Thanks Ms. M. And I will pass on your good wishes to the runner (who is getting increasingly nervous as the date approaches).


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