Monday, 25 June 2012

Motorcycle travel photography

Ten TipsParticipants in the motorcycle blogosphere generally have 2 main interests in common – we ride motorcycles and we take photographs of our travels to share online and with friends and family. So I was intrigued by a message I got from John Flores, a contributing editor to RoadRUNNER magazine, asking me to review an e-book he’d written on that very topic.
Ten Tips: Motorcycle Travel Photos is a small book (only 47 pages) but it contains a wealth of advice for photo newbies and reminders of the fundamentals for us old folks who have many thousands of images under our belts. Basic information to be sure (no advanced studio lighting or trick photography here) but it deals with natural lighting and composition in a straightforward manner with illustrative examples from his own portfolio. And best of all the tips are equally applicable whether you have a cell phone camera, a $100 point and shoot, or a pro-quality digital SLR.
So if your photos seem somewhat lacking and you want a few ideas to help put some punch into them, you might find this little e-book well worth the princely sum of $2.99. (Available from Amazon for Kindle.)


  1. Ha!

    I got the same message from John too, so probably won't report on it now or it could be a case of over-saturation! Haven't had the chance to go through it yet. It's got to be value for money at that price though!

  2. Geoff: I expect a few of us got that e-mail.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to read the book and write the post @Canajun. The ebook isn't a dissertation on photography by any means, just a compilation of simple ideas. The goal is to help a snapshooter take more considered photos.

    @Geoff, it's funny, because it's taking me as much time promoting the book as it did to write!

    Hope to make it up that way again soon. I really do want to check out the track @ Calabogie...


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