Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nice day, good ride, hot cars

Between work, golf, other commitments, and social engagements it often seems the missus and I are the proverbial ships passing in the night. It’s rare that we both have a day free, and even more rare that said day happens to be a day when the sun is shining and it’s perfect conditions for riding.
As if we needed any more encouragement there was also a vintage car show happening in Merrickville, a picturesque little town on the banks of the Rideau Canal, about 60 miles away. So we decided to ride over for lunch and a look at the cars (more accurately, I would look at the cars; Miz Liz would go shopping).
Merrickville is an artist’s community with many galleries and shops selling unique handcrafted items and a couple of good pubs and restaurants. On any summer Sunday you can expect lots of people out visiting for the day, but today it was really crowded! It was 1:00 when we got there so we headed straight for lunch and after checking the line-ups at several restaurants found a couple of seats at Gad’s Hill Place. After an excellent lunch (sorry Bob, no food photos) and a pint it was time to check out the cars.
And the requisite motorcycle photo.
(There are more pictures over at Picasa if you’re interested.)
A nice 200 kilometre ride, a great lunch, and a couple of hours drooling over some awesome machinery – life is good!
And tomorrow it’s on the road again for points west – Waterloo and then Port Dover on Friday the 13th.


  1. Merrickville is one of my favorite spots for a ride - always busy in the summer.

    1. It's a great place to spend the day shopping, eating, and just watching the boats go by.

  2. Canajun:

    I'm getting hungry just imagining the food you had. Now I'm in suspense . . .

    cars and bikes always makes for a good day. The sunshine helps too

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. Bob, they had a Corvette section - mostly modern but one or 2 60's vintage cars. Should have taken some shots of those for you.

  3. Wow! Now, those are really adorable rides! Thanks to your post, many will appreciate vintage cars more.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Cheers.


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