Friday, 10 August 2012

A custom I could live with

Most custom bikes these days leave me pretty cold, truth be told. The builders try to be outrageous simply to be outrageous. Lines are extreme and many of the components are, in my opinion, questionable. I mean how many spikes, imitation machine gun bullets, and skull-shaped tail lamps is too many? One, I’d suggest.
Then a bike like this comes along and leaves me drooling, even if I can’t explain exactly why.
Winner of the 2012 World Championship of Custom Bike Building, Thunderhead’s PainTTless is just an incredible example of fine engineering and attention to detail. The vaguely Steampunk look of nickel plating and bronze fittings, the simple beauty of the custom wheels, and the lack of paint distracting from the engineering details all make this bike a standout in my opinion. Nothing seems superfluous to function and not a single bolt seems out of place. It’s a nice, tight package that is certainly due the honour of being named champion.
While probably not a daily rider (one look at the seat will tell you that) I’d still be awfully proud to have PainTTless taking up a spot in my garage. (I know, dream on!)
So congratulations to all at Thunderbike; you’ve really created something remarkable and unique.
(All photos from Thunderbike web site.)
(h/t to Cyril Huze Post for bringing this bike to my attention.)


  1. A beautiful piece of machinery - art like. What do you suppose it would be like to ride?

    1. Honestly, I expect it would be miserable for anything but the shortest rides - and think of the cleaning chore if you got caught in the rain. But that's being rational while the attraction is purely emotional.

  2. I agree about the so called "Custom" bikes these days. Most of them probably aren't that road worthy and many are just on the ridiculous side. To tell the truth I can't say I have ever seen one on the road ever.
    Now this bike you show here is much better as it looks like everything is there for an actual purpose with form and function. Suited best for some long sections of road out west like some steed at full run and rider leaning out over the neck, coat tails flapping in the wind. That's how I see it.

    1. WooleyBugger - I laughed when I read your comment, not because I disagree but because after I published the original post I almost went back to change it to make the exact same observation you did about a rider on a horse at full gallop. But you expressed it much more eloquently.
      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Dear Sir:

    In the past, I have dated women who have the best attributes of custom motorcycles. The best lookers generally required the most wax.

    Fondest regrds,
    Twisted Roads

  4. That's a beautiful motorcycle. If you have to tell someone why you love it, they will never understand.


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