Saturday, 5 January 2013

eBay find of the month

When I’m a bit at loose ends or just have some time to kill I’ll often head over to eBay just to see what’s selling. Arguably I spend way too much time (and  money) there (see eBay addiction) but for pure entertainment value it can be hard to beat.

$T2eC16ZHJGwE9n)yUZE1BQ4MJIPIZw~~60_57For example I just found this must-have Harley accessory. Compared to the usual offerings of left-side-saddlebag-with-no-lid-and-some-scratches it’s a steal at a mere $450. There can be little doubt it’s one-of-a-kind.
Apparently it only comes in one side (right) and one size (9-10). And may not be suitable for – how can I be delicate here – anyone of colour. But assuming you’re okay with a white foot of that shoe size this may be just the item you need if you found your peg leg was becoming a bother.
Or it could just be a helluva conversation piece sitting in the corner of your living room. Think of the tales you could tell. “Well we wuz in this bar, see? And so I ripped the leg right off’n the dude and whacked him a good ’un upside the head. That’s how come it got scratched. See the scratches right here? And then…”.

But somehow I expect no manufactured story would be quite as good as the one that this leg could tell, right up to the time it got posted for sale on eBay.

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