Wednesday 2 May 2018


Last week was winter and this week is full-on summer with highs in the upper 20’s (C). That means our road finally dried out enough for two wheels and I finally (!) got to ride. Not very far but it did give me a chance to test ride the little Kawasaki after all the work I put into it this past winter. And it runs great. The new exhaust is a bit noisy and is producing some backfiring on deceleration, but it pulls strong right up to 110+ kph, plenty fast enough for the country roads where it will get ridden. So I’m pleased.

What I’m not so pleased about though is that when I finally put gas in the tank I got a couple of bubbles under the paint. Turns out that either as a result of the original damage to the tank, or my repair work, a couple of pin holes were created that let some gas seep out. Many (expletive deleted)s followed. I have now sealed the inside and am working on repairing the exterior with judicious use of some JB Weld, to be followed by Bondo (again) and paint (again). In the meantime an old spare tank will serve as a temporary fix to keep me on the road. Ugly, but functional.

Been waiting a l-o-n-g time for this.


  1. That's too bad about your paint job. If you need a silver lining then know that your frustration will serve as a warning to me about how I seal and paint around the fill hole on my BSA tank.

    1. Scott - Yeah. Next one I do gets sealed first, then painted.


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