Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sun’s out!

Long johns (top and bottom) …… check.
Biker Rain Chaps …… check.
Leather jacket with liner …… check.
Lined gauntlets…… check.
Full face helmet …… check.
Windshield on …… check.
I couldn’t pass up a temperature of 45F and no rain. Besides I had to make a quick run into town to pick up a neat little gadget that kill a wattmeasures “hidden” power consumption. Lee Valley Tools  is a top notch and world-renowned supplier of quality tools for general craftsmen, woodworkers, and gardeners. They had acquired a boat load of these little devices and were selling them at bargain-basement prices. I just had to have one. I mean who can resist a bit of electronics that will tell you how much energy you’re wasting with instant-on TVs, computer monitors in energy-saving mode, and other home appliances that suck power 7/24?
But I digress.
Since my last ride the farmers had been busy. Most of the crops were in and the corn stalks had been mowed down. Farm stands lined the roadway selling pumpkins of all shapes and sizes in anticipation of Halloween. Every second house seemed to have a load of firewood – usually in 8 or 10 foot lengths – in the driveway waiting to be cut, split and stacked for winter.
Sadly, Scoops, my favourite ice cream stand, was closed for the season.
It wasn’t a long ride, about 100 miles, and by the time I got back it had cooled off considerably to about 40F. So as I pulled into the garage I was feeling distinctly chilled, even with all the layers, but still with a big grin. It was a good ride.


  1. Ah yes, but a chilly smile none the less.

  2. Long Johns, chaps, jacket liner....I have heard of items such as these. I'm wondering if I will find the need for them any time soon. But it is 63 this morning and I am going South for the weekend, so hope springs and I need to remember to take them just in case.

  3. AZHD - And when you're watching your bike slowly sink into the pavement on one of those cool 110-degree Arizona days next summer, you'll wish you were somewhere where you needed long johns, chaps, jacket liner.... :)

    I'm still envious though.


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