Friday 9 December 2011

Have I got a deal for you

You just bought yourself that “must have” item on your wish list – a new, top-of-the-line digital camera. imageYour new Nikon D7000 has rating of 16.2 million pixels and embodies more features than you’ll ever to learn to use before it’s time to upgrade to the next new thing.
But the real reason you went with a bulky SLR rather than a pocket-sized snapshot camera is because of the lenses. Everyone knows that Nikon makes some of the best lenses out there, offering the best image quality possible. And you can spend yourself into the poorhouse buying lenses for every conceivable use from photographing the space station flying overhead to capturing the antics of ladybugs in heat.
Best of all, lugging all this gear around makes you look (and feel) like you know what you’re doing.
imageBut at heart you’re really a point-and-shoot kind of guy, so what’s the first accessory you buy? You buy a Dreamy Diana lens. That’s right, for $60 you can degrade the image quality of your photographs enough so that they will look like they were taken with a cheap plastic-lensed camera.
Does that sound like you? If so drop me a note and I’ll give you my address. You can send me all your bulky, too-good, equipment and, in return, I’ll ship you a dime-store camera that will take all the crappy photos you want. I’ll even pay the postage. Don’t think of it as giving away good stuff, think of it as freeing up your saddlebags for important stuff like beer, or cigars, or a fifth of J-D.
(On a related note, I am currently investigating ways in which snaps, pops, skips, and scratches can be inserted into the sound stream from your new MP3 player so it will seem like you’re still playing old 45’s from the bottom of your sock drawer. Stay tuned.)


  1. There should be a "like" button on your blog. Made me smile as its so true! Thanks Dave xxx

  2. Thanks Terry. Perhaps I should look into putting a like/dislike button in.

  3. It should be more like a "love", not a "Like button".

    But seriously, I have owned and operated several Nikon cameras and the picture quality was second to none...each and every problem with the dam things is that they never seemed to last long enough for me to re-coup my investment...So anyways, what I really wanted to tell, in not such a long winded way, but unfortunately, somehow it did become long winded...I did inquire about the Nikon Lenses in the past..and here's the secret, which you may or may not know...they use the "ZEISS" lens technology and improved upon it.

    Great post...enjoy your new Toy..I shall be sending you all my old cameras as well as cell phones...please send a SSTRE or a Self Stamped Return Box and I shall be happy to oblige...

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy new Year to you and your family

    Seasons' Greetings

  4. Baron - Thanks for your kind offer, but I already have a couple of boxes full of old film cameras and associated lenses, to say nothing of all the old cellphones cluttering up my office desk drawers.

    And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year back to you my friend. Have a GREAT holiday.


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