Sunday 14 July 2013

On a Vespa? Who knew?

Aside from the narcissistic satisfaction of seeing one’s thoughts in ‘print’ and actually being read/followed by others, one of the benefits of blogging is being part of a community of like-minded folks. This is especially the case in the moto-blogging universe where many of us can count friends we have made around the world through our blogs. And every so often, if we’re lucky and make a bit of an effort, we can actually meet up in person.

Such was the case for me yesterday.  David Masse (Life on two wheels… the scoot commute) was on his way from Montreal to the great eastern moto-blogger lollapalooza and general shindig in or around State College PA. As it happens his route took him through Ottawa and so we made arrangements to meet up for a coffee.

Not being a scooter aficionado I wasn't entirely sure what a Vespa fully loaded for a long road trip would look like. Now I know and I'm really impressed.


It was great to meet you David and safe travels! 


  1. Yay, I love to hear of the moto-bloggers meeting up and sharing a coffee or tea or two.

    That Vespa sure looks loaded alright.

  2. I've only met a couple of fellow bloggers but it was a treat.

  3. So right - it is like being part of a community and fun to actually put real time faces to blogs. "Moto-blogger lollapalooza" quite a title!

  4. Now that is a hard core rider!!!!! I don't think I would have the guts for that kind of trip on a Vespa. Good for him!

  5. Thats quite a load on the Vespa but 'round the world trips on them have been done.

    Any more Arduino projects?

    1. Richard - Working on a couple of things but mostly it's on hold now that the nice riding/golfing/kayaking/fishing weather is here. (I have too many pastimes!)

  6. Hey, in other parts of the world traveling on 250/300 cc's is completely normal ;-) The Vespas are totally world trip compatible.

    Glad you could meet up.

  7. Of course on a Vespa! No doubt in my mind! LOL

    You guys are so cool!

  8. Wow, that is one packed Vespa! Pretty sweet.

    I love getting to meet up with other moto-bloggers!


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