Monday, 20 January 2014

Seniors discount

There’s the old adage, “You’re only as old as you feel.” Then there’s the argument about mental age versus biological, or chronological age. A simple Google search will turn up dozens of sites that will test you to determine the age at which you think and act versus the age you actually are – all bogus science but fun nonetheless.
I don’t need any of that. I KNOW I’m really 35. After all no one who acts like they were born in 1949 would ride a motorcycle or do half the things I do (or think I should be able to do). Sure the body aches a bit sometimes, but whose doesn’t on occasion? And that hair thing? Pffft, lots of 35-year-olds shave their heads, so what’s the difference?
So imagine my surprise when I was at the grocery store the other day and the cashier automatically deducted the seniors discount. I was outraged! But then I saw I’d saved $5 and the 65-year-old me surfaced momentarily. “What the hell,” I thought, “it’s $5, enough for a pint.”
senior biker bar


  1. I keep forgetting about the first Tuesday 10% discount for 55+ at our local grocery store. They don't do it automatically, you have to ask for it...

  2. Canajun:

    I keep forgetting to ask for the discount too. Many restaurants have it but don't really advertise that fact or have a discounted section for seniors on their menu(s).

    I guess we don't feel old enough to think about it

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Anytime you get a discount is a good day!

    1. But I'd rather get if for being an all-round nice guy than because I'm "old". :)

  4. Hey $5 is $5. Take it while they still offer it. A little bonus for those aches and pains.


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