Saturday 22 October 2016

A love of riding

Everyone rides for a reason. For some it’s a lifestyle and for others it’s simply transportation. But few of us have a love to ride like Ron McLean.

57 years old, Ron lives in Edmonton Alberta and is a scooter rider. Due to a mental disability he is unable to get a driver’s license and so his entire riding world is his father’s driveway. But that has not stopped him from clocking nearly 10,000 kilometres on the two scooters he has owned.

Follow the link to a great story about a man and his passion. My helmet is off to you Ron McLean.

Photo: Honda Canada


  1. What a great story. I'm sharing this where I can. Thanks for finding that.

  2. Wow, determination to enjoy what you love no matter the obstacles.

    1. Trobairitz - Exactly. A lesson for us all.


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