Friday, 21 October 2016

My world is yellow…

… and orange and red and brown. Every year millions of photos and thousands of hours of film are shot of the fall colours here in the northeast. It is a spectacle that Mother Nature puts on every year as the trees hunker down and prepare for their long winter’s nap. This year there was concern about the quality of the show because we were in a drought for a large part of the summer, but those worries were unfounded. In fact this year has been one of the most stunning in my recent memory.


The other day I took a quick trip into town to run a couple of errands and to warm the oil prior to the seasonal oil change. I also mounted the GoPro on the bike hoping to catch some video of the remaining leaves before the forecast autumn winds and rain dash the last of them to the ground.

Like a gorgeous sunset or a star-filled night sky images on screen don’t do it justice but here’s a short video (click on link) of some of the beauty that we enjoy for a couple of weeks each fall.


  1. Beautiful video! I watched the first minute on my phone and paused it to watch on the TV later...

  2. Watched it! It was indeed a perfect day. I can never get enough of the fall foliage. Thanks, David.

    1. Thanks Sonja. We were actually a bit past the peak when I shot this. It's been gorgeous this year.

  3. Nice video. It makes me want to set aside my responsibilities for the day and go for a ride!


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