Monday, 24 October 2016

Season is over

No more second chances, even if the weather turns hot and summery for the next few weeks. Wheels go into the shop tomorrow for a new tire (rear) and new wheel bearings (both). For an hour or so labour those aren’t jobs worth doing myself so I’m happy to hand them off to the pros, who also have the special tools needed.

While that’s being done I’ll probably replace the steering head bearings, and then…? Well I do have a few ideas for upgrades and handling improvements so I’ll have to see how far I can stretch the budget.


But I won’t be riding any time soon.


  1. I am curious, what upgrades you'll come up with while the bike is in suspended animation.

  2. David, hopefully you won't have teaser days that poke back at your with warm sunshine; 'average' weather will at least feel better and be easy to tolerate.

    I do and don't look forward to like projects, hope yours go well.

    1. Coop - Thanks. Good news is I have all winter. Bad news is that gives me lots and lots of time to procrastinate.


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