Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Syringa vulgaris

If the title hasn’t already sent you to Wikipedia, syringa vulgaris is the taxonomic name for the common lilac, which grows in abundance in these parts and throughout much of Europe and the US as well. It is also the state flower of New Hampshire.


And why am I writing about this? Well this is peak flowering season for lilacs here and the air is filled with their scent, making for very pleasant rides in the countryside.

This month (May) has seen record rainfalls in this area with accumulations more than 3 times the normal average. Combine all that rainy weather with a 2-week absence while we were swanning around Europe and you’re left with about 3 riding days all month.

However yesterday offered up a few hours of sunshine and dry air so I managed to jump on the bike (I really do need to come up with a proper name for her; “the bike” just doesn’t do it) for a quick ride into town to run a few errands. All along the route the lilacs were in full bloom and the smell as I would pass a house with dozens of bushes in the yard was truly divine. Mother Nature’s perfume as it were.

Just another excellent reason to ride rather than being cooped up in a cage with the air-conditioning on.


  1. "Lilac" works for me, its Latin name sounds so... artificial.

    If you can't come up with a name for the bike... post a few pics (of the bike...) for inspiration and let your blogger buddies come up with a suitable one ;-)

    1. Sonja - not a bad idea except I expect I'd get a few "Boaty McBoatface" replies.

  2. A gorgeous specimen.

    When married to a plant geek you know what the plants are by their latin names. Troubadour just told me day before yesterday he had to move the potted syringa into the shade as it was wilting, lol.

    1. Brandy - You too eh? I'm always referring to "that green thing over there, the one with the leaves, the green leaves..." only to be told its Latin name, which I promptly forget.


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