Friday, 5 June 2009

From the “Why would you want to?” file

Do you want to own a piece of television history? If so, and you have a cool $29,500 US burning a hole in your jeans, you could have your very own Batcycle stashed in your garage secret cave.
Whether fighting crime or just impressing the neighbourhood kids, this 1966 Yamaha Catalina 250 will turn heads wherever you go, especially if you’re wearing a nifty cape and mask. And your sidekick will surely attract attention when he/she powers up the sidecar go-cart and chases down that ne’er do well who just stole Mr. Murphy’s newspaper. Powered by a 50cc engine, the sidecar could probably keep up with just about any pre-teen on foot.
The ad further claims “The plexiglass windshield and futuristic fiberglass body were specially constructed for the bike”, which explains why you haven’t seen a lot of these on the road. Either that or you live in a crime-free zone, never needing the “plethora of Batman gadgets” or, presumably, Batman himself to save you from dastardly deeds done by The Joker (the other Joker) or Mumbles.
This unit is REALLY, REALLY RARE. Time to assess just how friendly your banker is… yeah.


  1. That would certainly have you being the center of attention on bike night or anywhere for that matter.

  2. Friendly Banker...yeah to admit though, nice looking contraption fit for a museum somewhere

  3. I don't know guys... It's kind of like seeing a skunk in the yard. I would probably spend some time watching it, admiring its sleek coat with that cool stripe, and being kind of impressed with the whole defensive mechanism thing, but after all that I still wouldn't want it in my garage.

  4. Yeah - caught that on ebay. Funny thing is, for the price he still can't certify that it's the real deal from the TV show. Might simply be an overpriced replica. Either way, it's an interesting bike, but not something I'd want in the garage.


  5. Lucky - I thought that was a bit odd too. Usually for those kinds of $$$ there's a pretty solid pedigree and it's well documented.
    I expect the listing will simply lapse.


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