Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Golf on two wheels. Life is good.

It isn’t often that I get to talk about my two favourite summer pastimes in one blog – riding on two wheels and golfing. It’s now happened twice this year, so I am indeed blessed.
So the brother is down in Scottsdale at a conference and sends me a link to this resort and golf course – The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa – that uses Segways as golf carts! How cool is that? If it wasn’t for the fact  that a round of golf costs more than a room at the resort (~$200 during peak season), and it’s 2,000 miles from here, it would be worth it just to zip around on one of those scooters for a few hours.
kierland golf 2It turns out Segway actually has a model, the X2-Golf, designed for just such a purpose. With a maximum speed of 12.5 mph and a range of 14 miles, I figure I’d have the battery well and truly drained by the time I was done. (The manufacturer claims 14 miles is enough to complete 36 holes of golf, but they haven’t seen me in action playing my version of army golf – left, right, left, right, aw shit, right, left….)
imageUnfortunately the colours are pretty boring. It seems to come in one only – shades of grey – with a single jaunty red stripe across the back. However that could be fixed with a few flames here and there, whitewalls, and perhaps a skull or two. Now if there was only a Segway equivalent to J&P Cycles we’d be able to add on all kinds of chrome doodads and bling letting everyone know the rider is truly someone to be reckoned with on the course.
Yup. I could see having one of these in the garage.


  1. sounds like you may have stumbled into a potential new business too. i bet others love the accessories as well!!

  2. You know what, when I first read this...I thought...hmmm good idea...them huhummmstupid idea, then I scratched my heat and now I think no way I want that... Golf is a skill game coupled by relaxtion, time to walk, time to relax, time to talk, time to mingle, time to socialize, time to have a good time with my buddies and generally walk and talk kinda thing...so no this is not for me and you'll never get me to do it.
    Golf is not to be rushed

  3. Ms M - I'll have to do some serious market analysis. Let's see - item number 1 is buy a unit for testing purposes. Yeah, I think that'll fly.

    Baron - Relax on a golf course? Sacrilege. It's supposed to be all about concentration and focus. It's the guys that are relaxed and socializing and having a pint per hole that cause 6-hour rounds on the weekends! ;)

  4. Hey, have you seen the chopper golf carts? They are pretty cool too.

  5. Mr. Motorcycle - Yeah, the choppers are pretty cool too. So far any clubs I play are still using the boring old 4-wheeled variety. May just have to bring my own....


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