Thursday, 25 June 2009

This one’s for Baron

It seems every time someone posts a picture of some incredibly ugly,overly complex, or just plain weird motorcycle or variant, Baron has a dissenting opinion. Amid a chorus of comments that include “ugly”, “bizarre”, “WTF?” , “Is this for real?”, or “Why would anyone do that?”, you can always find Baron’s “Well it looks kind of neat to me.”, or “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
Well Baron, we’re starting to develop a picture here, and I’m not sure… well, I won’t go there.
Anyway, here’s the most incredibly ugly motorcycle I could find. Do your worst best.
(By the way, this particular bike weighs 400 pounds, produces a whopping 1.6 horsepower, and has a top speed of 20 mph.)
ugly motorcycle


  1. What is it powered with? I bet I could make a motorcycle with a lawn mower motor that would go faster than that. Oh and it's ugly.

  2. Danny - It's actually hydrogen powered, which does make it pretty unique. Click on the picture for a link to the original story.

  3. That is Ugly. Check this one out.

  4. OK I have to say...WTF...this is ugly...but just only cause I'm forced to...twisted arms hurt brother....let go....opuch that hurt....mama help me please Canajun is beating up on
    Seriously...yeah, they may look ugly to you...but to the guy who built it or modified it it looks I still say: WTF is in the eye of the beholder...firm believer of Liberty, equality and fraternity...although I'm a hard core card carrying yes I do admit , ugly is ugly point finale...!

  5. Mr. Motorcycle - Okay. I know when I've been beat!

    How did he ever get that thing plated?

  6. Baron - You're right about the eye of the beholder, but sometimes it's an act of kindness to call them on it before they embarrass themselves even further.

  7. I can only guess it was plated before he made it an abortion.

  8. Ugly, yes, but I bet if you ask the builders, it's more fun to ride than any of our pretty bikes.

    It's kind of like the soap-box racer I built when I was a kid. That thing wouldn't even roll downhill without someone pushing it, but man was it fun...

    Y'all know it's true.

  9. Lucky, you're right, the builder(s) see a thing of beauty. The rest of us... WTF?


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