Monday, 29 June 2009

Norton Commando 961 SE

007I have long had a weakness for the Norton marque. There was always something about the design of their bikes that caught and held my eye longer than any other. Perhaps it was that big 750 cc powerplant, sitting out there fully exposed for all to see and admire. Or perhaps it was the classic lines, the long, stretched out feeling of the bike. Or maybe it was just that  they were arguably the best handling motorcycles of their time. Whatever their allure it resulted in several Nortons occupying space in my garage over the years until the most recent, Black Beauty, and I parted company a few years ago (blogged about here).
And as any motorcyclist can tell you, the bike they regret selling the most was the last one. It was also their favourite, gaining in stature as every additional year goes by until, several years later, that bike’s qualities have reached mythic proportions. All of which are understated, of course, when it comes to Nortons.
Anyway I was slowly getting over this thing I have for the brand, and then …..
Norton Motorcycles announces the new Commando 961 SE. (The SE stands for Special Edition which in my mind is redundant in this case. I mean, just look at it.)
commando 961SE
Specs include:
  • 961 cc parallel twin
  • 10.1:1 compression ratio
  • 80 PS @ 6500 RPM (approx. 80 HP)
  • 90 Nm torque @ 5200 RPM (approx. 72 ft-lbs)
  • electronic fuel injection
  • carbon fibre wheels, front and rear fenders
  • Ohlins reservoir style rear shocks
  • Brembo front and rear brakes, and hydraulic clutch
All in a 400 pound package.
I tell you, the only thing saving me from doing something REALLY stupid is the $26,500 (US) price tag.


  1. Yeah the norton commander was an excellent bike and it handled well.

    Have you ever seen the AJS or Ariel

  2. Yeah, had a friend with a Square 4 and a couple of other Ariels including the Trials bike featured here:
    Another guy I know had a couple of AJS/JAP bikes fully restored. All very nice, just not Nortons.

  3. do i see a norton in the future for you :) they are fantastic bikes. my uncle has a special fondness for them as well.

  4. Ms M - Never say never, but sadly I think my cafe racer days are over. It is a beautiful machine though. Perhaps if I win the lottery .....

  5. I have been watching the development of it for a while now. I wish I had the money for one. If I did it would be sitting out side here at work right now. Sadly it's not. I wonder if I could trade my truck for one?

  6. Danny - I have the answer - it's not 42, it's lottery tickets! Good luck. :)

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