Wednesday 8 April 2009

GM’s Horseless Chariot

It may be too little too late for GM, but this latest announcement of a partnership  with Segway to produce the Puma is the kind of creative thinking the Big Three should have been doing for years.
GM SegwayObviously this is not everyone’s idea of the ultimate two-wheeler, but for the right marketplace it has the potential to be a low-cost, energy efficient, flexible means of transportation.
Unfortunately for North Americans, our governments will ensure that this innovative idea will never see the light of day in any of our over-crowded and motor vehicle congested cities. By the time they have legislated front and side airbags, impact bumpers, seat belts, crash guards, safety glass, crush-proof fenders, a dashboard full of idiot lights, strengthened door pillars, and a spare tire the Puma will be indistinguishable from this other GM product.
Except that the Puma driver (rider?) will probably be required to wear a helmet.


  1. I like it...not sure what you can do with it in our climate...but I do agree with you, innovative thinking is what is needed to maintain our position in the world market...otherwise we're caput.

  2. Clearly there are limitations - northern winters and cargo capacity being but two. But I think (joking aside) the biggest threat to this kind of innovation here in NA is the issue of liability and the seemingly endless capacity of governments to stifle new ideas through unnecessary regulation.

  3. Amen...fully agree with ya...They do stifle everthing, including our lives...! riding's all I got left for maintaining my sanity.

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family Bro
    The Vancouver riders

  5. Thank you. And the same to you and yours. Hope you have a gerat weekend!


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