Thursday, 16 April 2009

Murder, plain and simple.

A 44-year-old motorcyclist died as a result of an Ottawa hit and run accident in the pre-dawn hours this morning. The driver of the car did not stop, and the police are now searching for what they believe is a gold or tan Buick Regal or Century.
Okay, accidents happen, and we don’t yet know the details as to what actually transpired and who was at fault. But when the person that hit him left the scene, he or she was leaving a dying person on the ground, a person whose life may have been saved had someone offered immediate assistance and called an ambulance right away. According to some reports a pedestrian found the rider some time after the accident, lying about 20 feet from his crumpled bike.
When that driver ran, this escalated from a hit and run to murder, in my opinion. I hope they get the sonofabitch responsible and he pays for a long, long time.
Motorcycle Crash(Photograph by: Pat McGrath, The Ottawa Citizen)
How can anyone just leave a person to die?
A 56-year old male has turned himself into police.
“Gordon Davis is charged with failing to stop at an accident causing death. The investigation is ongoing and further charges are possible.”
Let’s hope so!
According to the Ottawa Citizen today, the driver, Gordon Davis, has now also been charged with “owning and operating a motor vehicle without insurance, driving a motor vehicle without a license, and making an unsafe turn.”
His next court date is June 12. Stay tuned.


  1. This post is close to my heart... I grew up in Montreal, now live in BC and in Between I've been all over Asia... Ottawa used to be the safest Canadian city... Sparks street used to glow in my heart...A couple of years back I went back to Ottawa to introduce my son to the Capital and man was I ever shocked at the ZOO I found on the streets... Ottawa is no longer the Ottawa we knew growing up...It's a Fucking North American Slum dunk city with no soul left... and you probably know exactly what I mean.
    It makes me question what actually changed the Canadian Mosaic... Was it P.E.T? and his crazy immigration/political correctness,leftist leanings, multicultural orgasm policies? Who the hell knows but one thing for sure...this ain't the country of my youth...and it's going to deteriorate more...just wait and see...
    As to the incident being bloody MURDER... no kidding eh?

  2. Ottawa has certainly changed from the sleepy (and boring) government town it was when I came here 35 years ago. Among other things, the population has almost tripled in that time to more than a million in the area, so we're not immune to the problems of poverty, etc that affect any city. Having said that, I still think it's the best mid-sized city of any I've ever spent time in(except for the weather), so....

    As for the accident, it's getting wide media coverage and there's a huge amount of outrage - and not only among bikers. So if nothing else there's a lot more awareness out there - a silver lining of a sort, I suppose.

  3. Well whatever you do, ride safely and always look out for the dangerous guy
    Keep well and safe


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